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8/13/2005 10:50 am

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Used I am. And used I'll be.
I'm the nice guy that women use you see.
I'm the guy that buys you flowers.
The one that dreams of romance and showers.
I will treat you like you should be.
But that isn't what you want, I now see.
You said "I'd love to meet someone just like you"
But that isn't honest or even true.
You want someone that will ignore your needs.
Someone that talks a good game but doesn't back it up with deeds.
A bad boy that will leave you broken hearted and in despair.
Feeling used and you say it isn't fair.
I say good luck to you, I hope it never ends.
Because nice guy's like me can only be FRIENDS.

blueeyeBBW44 55F

9/24/2007 6:08 am

Beautiful words they mean so much

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