All tied up.  

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6/16/2006 11:55 am

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All tied up.

I just get back to my apartment after a long day. I take a hot shower, dry off, and step into a pink thong and matching lace bra. I pull a short silk robe on. Its not late and I know I have more work to do tonight. But just for a few minutes, I lay on my bed and close my eyes. I’m sleeping lightly, and I don’t hear you knock on my front door. I’d been so busy that I forgot you would be coming by.

You let yourself in and lock the door behind you. You call my name answer. You walk through the hallway and look into my bedroom. You see me laying on my bed; hair still wet from my shower. You can still smell my soap and shampoo…strawberry and vanilla. Without a word you open my dresser drawer and pull out two scarves. Without waking me, you gently wrap one scarf around my right wrist, which is stretched up towards my headboard. You tie a knot around the post. You do the same with my left hand. I stretch and moan, but I don’t wake up. I’m barely blue silk bathrobe is falling open in the front, revealing my pink bra. My full tits are spilling out of my bra. My robe falls away on one side and you can see my dark nipple through the lace. My robe is tied loosely around my waist with a belt. Below that, you can see almost all of my long smooth legs. You crawl onto the bed beside my legs and pull the belt of my robe, letting it fall open. You see my smooth stomach rising up and down as I breathe...and you see a small patch of pink lace covering my pussy...the sides of my thong stretching across my hips and back to my ass.

You lean down and kiss my stomach, just above my panties. I inhale and moan softly. You kiss me again, and run your tongue along my stomach. I wake up and gasp at the surprise. I try to move my arms but look up to see them tied. I moan again as you put both hands on my waist and run your tongue up my stomach towards my tits. With your strong hands you push my legs apart and lay between them as you undo the clasp on the front of my bra. You pull my bra away and grab my tits with both hands. You squeeze gently and then harder. You take one nipple in your mouth and suck and bite it gently. I moan with pleasure. Mmmm...god yes. Oh - yes. You move farther up my body and kiss me hard on the mouth. I kiss you back and moan into your mouth. You slide down, running your hands down my sides until you’re positioned over my pussy. You slip your hands into the bands of my thong and pull down roughly. You tear it off my legs and throw it onto the floor. I’m completely naked on the bed in front of you - my hands tied and stretched over my head. I try to close my legs but you roughly push them apart. My pussy is completely shaved and you can see that I’m getting wetter every second.

You hold my thighs apart with your hands and lower your head to my hot pussy. You suck on my clit and run your tongue along my wet slit. I writhe and moan. You’re driving me crazy and all I can think about is having you inside me. As if you read my mind, your mouth latches onto my clit and you suck hard while you slide two fingers into my dripping pussy. Ooohhhh god yes. Mmmm...fuck me with your fingers. Suck my clit. God, YES - I love it when you do that. You push your fingers into me hard, feeling how tight I am. My thighs tighten around your head, holding your face close to me. You flick my clit with your tongue and suck it gently...then harder. Moving your fingers in and out of me...making sure I’m wet and ready for you. I’m so close to cumming...god baby you are sooooo good at eating my pussy. I want to have my hands all over you - all over my tits while I watch you eat me - but I can’t move. God, I’m gonna cum… oh GOD YES. OH OOOOOOOOOHHHH YES. OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD - YES! You feel my pussy convulsing...squeezing your fingers...cumming all over your hand as you thrust your fingers in and out of my hot little cunt...your mouth not letting up on my clit. I SCREAM and arch towards your muscles tightening and my pussy clenching again and again. Oh YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’m moaning - trying to catch my breath - as you pull your fingers out of my dripping pussy. I shudder as you gently lick my clit one more time. God, now I need your cock.

You stand up in front of me...I’m still shaking from cumming so hard all over your fingers and face. I watch as you pull off your shirt - unbutton your pants and pull them off. I can see your big hard cock through your boxers. I want you inside me. You pull off your boxers and crawl back onto my bed. Again, you roughly part my legs, revealing my sopping wet pussy. You kneel between my legs and slip your hands under my smooth ass, tilting me up off the bed slightly. I wrap my long legs around your waist, trying desparately to pull you closer to pull your hard cock into my pussy. You hold your cock in your hand and rub the thick head along my wet slit...across my swollen clit...down to my dripping pussy...farther down to my tiny little asshole. OOhhh god, you're driving me crazy. You press the big head of your cock against the tight entrance to my pussy and, without warning, you POUND your huge hard cock into my slit. OOOOOh god. Oh shit. All the way...sooooo deep inside me. You hold your cock there for a second as I scream. My pussy like a vice around you...your cock stretching me open. I can barely catch my breath. You feel so hard inside me - like a rock. My arms above my head, I’m helpless. You could do anything to me. You want to fuck me HARD tonight. You grab my ankles and push them up over my head. My pussy is completely exposed as you slowly pull your cock out, leaving just an inch inside me, waiting as I catch my breath as my pussy closes up tight again. You spread my legs farther and POUND your cock into me again. I SCREAM and pull at the scarves holding my hands in place. You pull out again - SLAM back into me. Over and over again you POUND and RAM your long, thick cock into my tiny hot pussy. Holding my legs up and spreading them so far apart. Every inch of you is buried inside me with every hard thrust. I SCREAM every time, louder and louder. I'm sooooo tight around your shaft. I squeeze you even harder as you pull out and then SLAM into me again and again.

GOD YES...harder and harder. HARDER. FASTER. DEEPER. Slamming into me. Pounding into my hot pussy. Oh, god baby - you’re making me cum again. Oh YES BABY YES…Give it to me hard. Fuck me hard. Don’t stop baby. Fuck me. Fuck my tight little pussy. mmmmmmm....yes. OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. OOOHHHH GOD. Oh I’m shaking and bucking my hips as you keep SLAMMING into me. You feel my pussy tightening, convulsing, clenching your juices streaming down your cock to your balls, soaking you. OOOOOOOOOOOH my god - YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

My pussy clenches your cock tight one last time as you pull out of me and move up my body. Cum on me, baby. I want your hot cum all over my face and tits. I open my mouth as I watch your hard cock shoot cum all over my tits. Your hot cum spurts on my my mouth...all over me - again and again as you cum hard...shooting more and more of your thick cum. Ooohhhhhh you groan as the last of your load hits my tongue. I lick my lips, swallowing all of your sweet cum that I can get. You lower your cock to my mouth and let me suck the last drops of cum from you. taste so good. I love how your cock feels in my mouth.

You collapse next to me. My hands still tied above my head, breathing hard, trembling from my orgasm, and covered in your hot white cum. God baby, you were amazing...

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6/18/2006 6:52 am


rm_wspflagman 34M

6/18/2006 2:51 pm

That sounds so incredible!

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6/19/2006 11:29 am

Nice!! I can almost hear you telling me about this... in a very sexy voice! Please write more

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6/22/2006 1:50 am

Oh my Gosh!! were you in my head last night as my husband was fucking the hell out of me or what!!!? That was an awesome blog!! I read it out loud to my husband and got soooo into it! Good job!!

iawriter64 53M
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6/28/2006 11:35 am

    Quoting wenasty59:
    Oh my Gosh!! were you in my head last night as my husband was fucking the hell out of me or what!!!? That was an awesome blog!! I read it out loud to my husband and got soooo into it! Good job!!
See? This story was meant to be read aloud!

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