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8/11/2006 9:49 am

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helper t-girls

hi all, Been awhile...but I was just considering something:

It seems that there is an overwhelming demand for experiences with tgirls. Many write me with warm tales of an almost mythical single encounter with a tg and dreams of it ever since. Many spend time chasing another experience all of their lives and never get the chance to have another one. Others write me with tales of scorn and put down for tgirls all their lives, and in their twilight hours, suddenly see the light ~ see just how beautiful we can be..see how we actually fit into the culture in a very niche place, as rare birds with very unique powers and physiques.

I am always stunned at the amount of "straight" men that contact me, struggling with terms of their sexuality that our wonderful culture seems to damn and condemn, and continually stigmatize without fail or end.

And yes, there are prostitutes and escorts and about every kind of fetish extreme, but this isn't what I mean, since many of these men are not actually interested in or ready for a meeting, or possibly never WILL meet.

But this begs the question: There seems to be a strong demand for new type of tgirl, don't you think?
One that helps men deal with all the issues of things that the culture here seems to only accept behind closed doors ~ that secret desire to reach under the miniskirt of a cute girl and find some extra gear. Someone to talk to about millions of questions they have. Or the desire to go out with a perfectly pretty gal and knowing all the time that she is actually a very special and versatile she..smooth and perfumed...gentle and sweet, graceful and elegant. A girl well versed in the art of seductively being femme.

I'm interested in talking to people with thoughts like this and perhaps issues regarding acceptance within ourselves about this, as well as tg issues in our surroundings. I would love to chat in IM with me. It's good to hear what you have to say. It's a new world out there, and we are finally getting some acceptance. I would like to help out.


justme77077 58M

10/22/2006 8:47 pm

I think it would be helpful to have someone to help explore sexuality with. Why am I so attracted to T-girls? I am meeting t-girls on this site and getting to know them but at this point am still a virgin with t-girls...what will I do when I have the opportunity? I see you on cam in sexy stockings and panties holding a mitsubishi wand against you and I know how good that feels...I have always wanted to have a wand between my cock and t-girls cock and to be kissing and touching as the vibrations move us towards orgasm. You are quite a woman...are you also Ella?

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