Rejection letter to that same aff newbie.  

rm_boytoysexcam 56T
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3/6/2006 6:46 am

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3/29/2006 2:10 pm

Rejection letter to that same aff newbie.

Well some folks just dont get it..this entry is a follow up to the "letter to AdultFriendFinder newbie" entry below...who did not feel like it was important to make ME feel comfortable about meeting him, but he was in just a massive hurry to get at my pics and into my panties..seems like a date with someone this impatient would be a total disaster...


Pics? I wish we could have made it to that point but I just don't think the chemistry is there. I tried, and your pushiness and lack of patience are a turn off. You dont seem to be looking in a place that is suited for you..I am not here to waste your time..this is not about you. You are interested in me, you queried me. If you want to rush into things at THAT speed, then go find someone else. I dont think you understand how tgirls are, and I dont think you understand how this site works.

I am one of the most patient girls here. This site is MOSTLY comprised of men like you that are 'on a serious hunt', who will not take the time to SLOW DOWN enough to get someone comfortable before pushing for a meeting. This truly works to your disadvantage. You will see, unless you develop some patience, how difficult it is to hook up here with an attitude like yours. You have told me TWICE already that 'you don't have the time to waste..' I don't have the time to waste either but I have the kindness to write and let you know how you have messed this opportunity up.

With your hurry, you might be better off hitting on folks at a gaybar or drag show. That is much more immediate.

Sorry and be safe and careful. Bye.

Lioness_girl 46F
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3/6/2006 5:59 pm

I hate those kind of men, always in a hurry to meet up and get into your pants. I mean seriously, I need to feel some kind of chemistry in order to want to sleep with someone. If it's not there, I don't want to even bother. Sex will not be fun that way and it's a waste of time.

I hope that guy gets the hint. How immature of him to be so darn pushy.


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