Reading Between Their Lines..a practical list for Tgirls only.  

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2/2/2006 7:51 am

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Reading Between Their Lines..a practical list for Tgirls only.

Being a tgirl on this site poses certain problems when it comes to actually getting away from chatroom and email talk. Many of us have found an astoundingly high percentage of dreamers, and men who are not for real, and though they are all hot for a meeting and HAVE to have an experience with a tgirl, most of them turn to a bunch of spineless wimps on the day of a meeting and end up hurting our feelings with no shows or late rejection letters..

So! In the spirit of comraderie, I will begin a little list of things to watch out for as a tgirl navigating these waters. I invite all tgirls to list their experiences and anecdotes here whenever they wish. NOTE: If you don't have a 't' in your profile that describes your sexual preferences, I will delete your post (with a few exceptions).

Also, list stories, your thoughts and suspicions, unusual things you have noticed, and anything relevant, also, please list little 'red flags' that you've seen - little things which might further indicate that you are entertaining a flaky male that will chicken out and leave you hanging. I will start with some basic ones.

The FIRST thing I check:

If the male does not indicate ANYWHERE in his profile that he has an affinity for dating tgirls, he is a newbie and probably just testing himself.
He will likely not make it to a meeting. If he KNOWS that he likes tgirls, he should state it openly. And I don't listen to lame excuses like...

"..well, I don't list that in my profile, because _________..." <----lame excuse here. I don't listen to those any more. If they want a tgirl, they DAMN sure better be forthright about it. Or they won't get me.

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