Feeling pathetic..  

rm_boytoysexcam 56T
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3/20/2006 6:00 pm
Feeling pathetic..

Well it's only a matter of time before I become a pretty tgirl with a beautiful wife to a pathetic twisted loner. Seems that once the female side is gone, it's less likely that someone would afford me the credibility as 'someone that others wish to be with'...

..but it will be a sad loss and I know that I willfully embark on a lonely road. I have no misrepresented ideas about what tgirls who attempt different levels of feminization have to face in life. It is a hard road but I will traverse at least some of it...and that is another entry.

But, I have always considered myself to be a loner in my old age, but did not know how it would unfold. Bt I think I can now see that if I continue on my current track that is exaxtly where I will be, I suppose this is okay, and I have been prepared for it for sometime.

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