From the mind of a playa  

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6/13/2006 10:12 am
From the mind of a playa

From the Mind of a Playa

Can you devle deep into a playa's mind and define the many inexplicable steps they take? I mean, can you really expect to determine the outcome of their actions by past experiences? To finish their sentences based off of similar phrases you've heard before? Can you look into their eyes and see past their innoncence to the deviousness they're capable of? Can you really distrust their words that seem so true? Promises that seem more like vows than lies? Words that can paint a picture so real? So genuine? Can you?

If you would take some time out to see what they see. Think what they think. Believe in what they believe. Take some time to walk just a few feet in their stressful shoes. No need to walk a mile. Just a coupla couples could make your head spin. Maybe then and only then you could possibly or maybe begin to understand the infinite complexities. The many problems they face on a daily basis. The obstacles they overcome. The ethereal situations that seem so insurmountable.

Ask yourself what would make a person deter from the simplicity of monagamy? Make them venture from the confines of knowing and understanding only one persons inner-workings? Dealing with one set of emotions? Determining how to counter one persons arguments. How to make that one person happy or sad with a simple word or gesture. Why would someone desire to wear multiple masks in order to please multiple personalities? Is one individual not enough? Or like a black hole, does a playa seek to fill an insatiable void? Vaccuuming up innocence and compressing it into a weapon that can used to destroy or to create the best in another's life.

This void is natural yet unnatural. Simple yet complex. Can be defined in a simple sentence yet is undefinable. Like the life of a playa. A mural of contradictory statements and actions that continually cancel each other out, yet build each other up. This void is a curse as well as a playa's greatest weapon. Used in the right way it entices lovers like candy to a child. In reality it confines the victim to a child's mentality, makin the playa a father/mother figure towards their lover.

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