Initial Entry. Caution: Much ranting inside.  

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9/1/2006 6:17 pm

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Initial Entry. Caution: Much ranting inside.

Ok, so, here it is. I've been thinking about venting a little bit, and the time has finally come. If you've come here looking for the sexual drippings of an excessively horny mind, then I suggest you stop right now. If you're interested in reading some of the ravings of my mind, then sit back and continue.

With that said, I'd have to say that the Seattle area has thus far pretty much been a disappointment. Some background: I am (as of 1 Sept) ex-military. I spent 10 years serving, and was stationed in such exotic locations as Maryland and Ohio, and boring ones like Korea and Hawaii. (I actually liked Korea the best, and the memories of it get better with each year that passes...) I moved out here to Renton to start a new chapter of my life, and thus far it has not been fun.

People, learn the fuck how to drive. It's not your fault that the jackass who desgned yoour roads seems to have intentionally gone out of their way to desgn them so traffic would get backed up, but for cryin' out loud, you're not helping. Some handy tips: You do not need to come to a fucking halt in order to merge. You do not need to come to a halt to let someone merge with you, either. If a person uses a turn signal, it prolly means they would like to move into your lane. Don't fucking drive the exact same speed next to them. Speed up or slow down a touch. Green lights mean go. It doesn't mean sit there and stare at the newly green light for 5 seconds before taking your foot off the brake. This is *especially* true if you're in a turn lane. News flash: The turn arrows aren't on for very long. If you sit there for 5 seconds, nobody behind you is gonna get through.

And speaking of turn lanes. What the hell is going on with red (left) turn arrows at every freakin intersection. If there's no oncoming traffic, why the hell can't you make a left turn on a green light. That's just damned silly.

Jobs. Or, should I say, lack thereof. I've got 10 years of experience managing people. Lots of people. I had 12 people reporting directly to me at my last job, and we serviced a population of over 10,000. No, I'm not looking for a job flipping burgers at McDonalds, nor a job as a glorified secretary entering data. I'm this to firing my headhunter already, after only 2 weeks cause they seem to think that I am only qualified for entry-level data-entry positions. /puke

Women. I guess I should admit that I've always sucked with women, so this isn't a trait intrinsic to this area. I'm a loner, and probably always will be. My friends like me, and tell me I'm funny, and smart, and good looking and all that, but, none of that can really overcome my true skill: sticking my foot *way* up in my mouth seemingly every time I open it. Especially around new people. It makes me want to scream in frustration, cause I know I'm screwing up, even as I do it, but I'm seemingly powerless to stop it from happening. As a result, however, I'm fairly unattractive to prospective dates. /shrug What can you do?

Ok, that's about enough negatives. How about some positives? Well, thus far the weather has been utterly glorious for riding my motorcycle. I seriously am considering getting rid of my truck and not bothering to get a car, but something tells me that sometime soon I would regret that decision. /wink I'm told it rains here fairly often, and it's coming in a matter of weeks. Until then, however... Me and the Harley are going to enjoy every damn minute I can get on it. Another positive: The rent situation has turned out to be pretty good. I moved in with an old college buddy who owns his house, and he's renting part of it out to me. For 500 bucks a month I've got shelter, a fridge, washer and dryer, my very own bedroom (too bad nothing but sleep happens in it...) and dsl cable internet access.

So, I've been here since August 6th. The place has some negatives, but there's positive stuff too. Just seems that right now, probably because of the transition I'm going through with my career, the negatives are winning. I'm sure it'll change, but as they say, live in the moment, and right now the moment could be better.

Catch you folks later.

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