Male Multiple Orgasms......  

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1/1/2006 5:44 am

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Male Multiple Orgasms......

I've decided that by the end of this year I want to be able to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

The thought seems absurd but apparently it is possible. Several books cover the subject and some of the magazine articles on this site have covered the topic. One guy reckons that PC muscle strengthening alone made him multi-orgasmic after about 6 months of training.

Part of the secret also involves drawing the hot sexual energy up from ones groin to one's head. Then circulating that energy. This I think will be the tricky part to learn, as one needs to be quite in touch with one's inner energies.

Anyway's that's my theme for the year. Anyone who reads this and has some good ideas' or tips on how to become multi-orgasmic, please add a post.

Ciao BBang

CyrusV4 54M

1/2/2006 11:46 pm

drawing the hot sexual energy up from ones groin to one's head. Then circulating that energy

WTF? do U believe that crap?

I have regularly had multiple orgasms, these start off with "dry" orgasms, i.e. full body orgasm without ejaculation leading to a VERY quick recovery of only a few minutes.

Some dry orgasms actually involve diverting the ejaculate to the bladder rather than to the penis... sounds really weird, but apparently this is what happens, according to the medical experts.

However, I am not sure if this is the case, as your recovery time would probably be the same as if you shot your load externally rather than internally.

I was lucky enough to have a french GF who was into Tantric in a big way and she taught me to do this...

indeed, part of the requirement is to develop the PC muscle which you can do anywhere, anytime, without anyone knowing... you do NOT need to have an erection during these excercises. I do them while driving, while eating, while sitting on the beach, while waiting in a que, almost anywhere that I have some time to kill.

that alone, will take you 90% of the way and can be acheived in just a few weeks of PC muscle excercise...

The remaining 10% is to learn to enjoy the journey, instead of trying to reach your destination... i.e. forget about climaxing, rather just enjoy the sex act itself without pressing towards a climax.

This can be done with a patient and understanding partner, or with solo sex. Put asside 2 hours or so, see if you can maintain a heightened level or arousal without climax. Go for slow, long and relaxing strokes rather than rapid activity.

Spread the pleasure around, not only around your thalmus (head) and frenulum, but also the base of the shaft, the testes, our inner thigh, nipples, etc. In other words, just forget about your dick only and take your time to find your other sensitive areas, but keep the penis hard and also keep pumping that PC muscle before and during.

Have fun learning and hope you experience what you desire soon.

rm_bonzabang2 45M

1/3/2006 8:58 am

Hugely inspiring stuff!!!! Thanks for your post. At least I know now from two REAL, actual people that this dry orgasm thing is achievable.

My gut feel agrees with you on the PC muscle thing. The more I exercise the better control I seem to be getting. I seem to be able to last longer before coming, partly through pumping the PC muscle which pulls me back from the brink when I'm getting too close. It generally gives me a feeling of a higher level lof sustained pleasure.

It's also about getting into the habit of working the muscle out at every opportunity. Because the books talk ablut say 400 reps per day, but as I'm getting stronger, I figure I should be doing as many as possible (within reason).

The day I have a dry orgasm I think I'll do backward somersaults naked down the road i'll be so chuffed!

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