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4/11/2005 11:10 pm

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Trying to find friends on AdultFriendFinder at times can be frustrating, with people listing on their profiles other than what they are actually looking for, young girls who are looking for women stating on their profiles that they are interested in men,

it is a joke the way many carry on, they're either interested or not, but many keep you hanging or don't reply to a message even just to say thanks but no thanks, with some level of good manners, instead they either ignore the message or send some scathing reply to "piss off", wake up this is an Adults Contacts sites, if you aren't looking for something then you shouldn't be here wether I am what you are looking for or not.

if you are looking for something make sure your profile accurately reflects your desires.

Not every contact HAS to result in a sexual encounter or even a meet, but basic coutesy does not cost you anything! and you may make a friend wether on top of the covers or under.

VirtualDarwinGuy 42M

8/29/2005 7:50 pm

Well said, i'm finding that there is a lot of people activley using this website for game playing more so than anything else. I think that alot of them are kids just having a laugh and if you follow the messages (when they send then) you can quite often tell by the level of intelligence of the messages to what or how old they are....

Hang in there dude there are people men and women who are genuine you just have to sive throught the shit to find them !

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