27 and 4 days  

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7/31/2006 11:20 pm
27 and 4 days

so I am 27 and 4 days old now. As usuall the birthday was dissapointing but as a bonus I only had my self to torment.

I went to the Butterfly Effect concert at the metro It was a great concert but.....I came out feeling like meh? its hard to describe, but I wasn't all that impressed.

Wolfmother the week before was just such a better experance, humm perhaps it is the inverse of alchole drunk = better experance. It could also be that I was out with Rogue lol.

Purchased Fear Factory tickets today, I seem to be going to a lot in the last few weeks. It should be good DevilDriver as support the Big Top should be pumping!! too bad its all ages.

All ages shows should be restricted to the roundhouse, my god I went to see Mudvayne there not so long ago, the first and last time I will go to a concert there it just sucked the wang.

so I am 27 and 4 days old. Not much has changed lol but then I wasn't expecting it to.


Why isn't there a hungover mood?????

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