I saw the word fellatio  

IliadWhetsScold 60M
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3/25/2006 8:40 pm
I saw the word fellatio

in something I was reading......

and it reminded me of a funny story.....

A number of years back I worked part time at steakhouse doing dishes to pick up a few extra bucks -dont ask. One of the waittresses was
a fiesty, sexy, pretty, little sweetheart - lots of thick dark hair, deep brown eyes,
a body that wouldn't quit - all this was usually painted into a pair of khakis.
And no I didn't get to sample her charms. Sigh...She loved to regale
the rest of the staff with tales of her sexcapades and the conquests of
the guys she dated. Usually the stories revolved around her giving some guy head
in some far out place or situation. She told us more than once giving head was her
favorite thing to do to a man - she said it always made them want to come back for more.
Guys? Can I get a witness from the congregation- "Say hallelujah, say amen!"

Anyone that has ever been to a steakhouse knows that there is always some type of daily
special or specials. One day the special was filet mignon.
Needless to say the collection of horny
misfits that made up the cast of that ensemble deemed the special of the day,
"Fellatio Mignon."
We had a lot of fun with it - flirting, grab ass, "Hey can I get a blowjob to go?", stuff like that. Well......

Marie( not her real name) was seated a table w/ 3 thirty something guys and proceeded to
tell them what the specials of the day were.
"And the last special we have today is our very special fellatio mignon." She really dragged that word out, for emphasis - and added to it by
saying how VERYYYY special it was. This whole time she is batting her big browns, bouncing her nice cans, working the table to get a good tip - just played it to the hilt. Needless to say all three guys eyes got as big as phongraph records and there ears were up like a lab on a duck hunt. Requests for take out service ensued of course.
"Any special sauce to go with that?" yada,yada,yada - all of them played
their parts in perfect time - Oscar nominations all around.
The rest of us were in stitches - a small crowd of us slowly gathered by the entrance to the prep area. When Marie slinked back across the floor -
ya got it, ya flaunt it - the group at the prep entrance parted like the Red Sea. One of the more
"worldly" gals grabbed her by the arm.
"Marie, do realize what you were saying out there?"
"About the specials of the day. The fellatio mignon?"
"Yeah , so."
"Marie, fellatio is the dictinary word for blow job."
The ketchup got depressed - it wasn't the reddest thing in the room anymore.

Fade to the kitchen... Marie pulling at her hair, hands over her face - "Oh shit I messed up my
makeup", " Oh my god , oh my god, I don't believe I did that, oh my god , I don't believe I did
that, oh shit, oh shit", "You guys are kidding right, thats not really what it means?".
A collective nod of a few heads and she was looking for her purse. " I gotta leave, I can't
go out there, I just can't. Oh my god I am so embarrassed." This from a girl that thought nothing of telling a group of guys and girls a story how she smoked some guys pickle in an elevator, or under a table in a bar.

Another mystery for the ages.

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