IliadWhetsScold 60M
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4/6/2006 8:05 am

A doorbell chimes- stocking feet pad across worn carpet- door groans when in protest asked to open - a silhouette framed by the screen door- "Hi"- "Hi" - "Glad you could make it. Any trouble finding the place?" - "Thanks. No,it was easy." - screen door slams - a quick intake of breath from countries at their first peace talks - quick nervous hug exchanged - "Hmmm... smells nice" - a hand lingers softly on an arm - two pairs of eyes searching for the doorway in - where do we go from here? - anticipation - breath quickens - "You want something to drink?" - "Sure" - refrigerator door puffs, its
vacuum seal broken - a hand trails slowly, searchingly down a spine and makes a u-turn - hand grabbed to encircle a waist - heat exchangers on full - a quick kiss, eyes wide open, searching - more soft smacking kisses - listen for the click - a passionate embrace- tongues darting, probing deeply for purchase, wet lips glide down a neck - deep guttural moans - lower lip tugged gently - "I'm not thirsty" - "Me either" - fumbling with buttons, clank of a buckle, zipppp, rustling of shirts thrown without thought - a pop of a clasp - breasts rejoice- "I'm free!" - two backs caressed - gently, quickly, firmly - aroma of unchained lust - a nip at the base of a neck - "Ohhhh" - feet march in place to rid themselves of jeans not wanting to be left - they stand alone on the floor one leg inside out - a flush of anticipation - deep sigh -heat engulfs the room - hand finds burning wet lips - light flick of a magic button - touching, teasing - a taste licked off a finger - "Unh..." - "Mmmm... " - lips smack - one hand grabs another pulling - purple helmeted warrior swaggers on his journey - "Shhh.. " - a single digit placed softly on lips- "Ohh.." -Creak of bed springs - rustle of sheets- breathless whispers - "Ohhhh God..."

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