Her curves fit my plans  

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3/12/2005 2:12 pm

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Her curves fit my plans

We met and we clicked. Her eyes lit up like candles surrounding a quiet bath. They shimmered. They shined. They relaxed me.

I walked to the table and introduced myself. It was odd using my chatroom name. She smiled and asked me to join her.

Her face shows the character of a woman who makes decisions and lives with them. Her makeup shows a woman who like to look her best without spending and hour painting a china doll.

She wasn't hard or unapproachable. She was definite in all that she said. There were few "maybes" and "I guess." But she shared. And that is what I enjoyed. She shared.

None of the reciting a day filled with meaningless doings and comings. Rather than just tell me what she did, I learned why she did. I found out how it touched her life. I glimpsed an insight to her heart and soul.


And the questions she asked. They put me at ease. She used those eyes, glimmering and floating, to unbundle some plans.

She reached out with her hand and touched me. It was touch I wanted more of.

We walked to her car. She strolled close enough our shoulders touched, our arms gently rubbed, and our hips brushed an electric spark that couldn't have been hidden.

As I opended the door it was then I realized how physically attractive she was. All evening she took me into her life. All evening she unpacked my life.

I am a man that appreciates a woman with curves. This one chose to give me every curve she has and let me hit each one into the far blue.

I have plans for the future. Her curves fit my plans. I look forward to another quiet dinner.

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