Al ittle of this, a little of that, and a word on being a fan  

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11/3/2005 11:31 am

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Al ittle of this, a little of that, and a word on being a fan

Greetings to all those out in AAF land and all the ships at sea. Mimbari here. I fight getting bummed by the lack of response to my brain droppings, but this is cheaper then therapy, so I continue on.
I know I would get more hits by waxing poetic on the incredible, kinky sex we hare having, but were still in the bull pen, waiting for our turn at bat. We are meeting some awsome people on line (Hiya Sheryl ), but I guess we are finding the experience level of our initial contacts a bit intimidating. Blu realy wants to explore, but we are tempering our desire with the need to realy connect on a mental level with our potential partners. Last night we were talking about it and she expressed that she finds the idea of an encounter with just a female or a soft (same room sex) swing the most acceptable for a first time.

OK, now a word about being a fan. Those of you who are looking for just sex with no insight into us may leave now...go on...scat. OK, here we go.
Ive never been a huge sports fan. I guess that comes from being neglected as a child by my armchair jock old man. Ive always seen sports as more of an excuse for a social evvent. Food, friends, laughs and snacks. When we first moved to Portland, I tried real hard to be a Blazers Fan. We went to the games, watched on TV, followed them on the paper. But when a team spits on and disrespects its fans like this one did, enough is enough. Over a few drinks at Wildcats, greatest strip bar in the NW, ask me and Ill give ya directions, Blu got into an argument with another regular over what it meant to be a fan. When it comes to loyalty to a team..she is HARDCORE. Take her Cowboys, say an unkind word and she will take ya down and make ya cry for momma...LOL According to her, Im a fair weather fan, which is OK by me. I was very impressed by the changes the Blazers have made. It takes guts to say, hey, were going to be a young team, and we are probably not going to win a lot of games, buut we are going to have fun trying. I can get behind a team like that, even if they dont win. So, Im putting out there Portland, dont let me down.

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