Entry for November 30, 2005  

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Entry for November 30, 2005

I never mentioned an encounter we had maybe about a month ago. A friend reminded me of it and prompted me to share.

One night C decided to get me liquored up, just enough to let the inhibitions go. We played a drinking game. Then he suggested that we invite someone over to f* me. By that time, I had no problem with that. He found someone who arrived within the hour. It was his first time and very nervous. I reassured him that it was fine, take his time. We chatted a little and then I helped get things moving. C went to the other room to give the other guy a chance to relax. I told him I would sit on the floor with my back to him and he could join me whenever he was ready. As I sat and waited, I was feeling very moist and excited--anticipating his touch. I soon felt a hand softly touch my back. He softly kissed my neck and slowly moved his hands around to caress my breasts as I moved closer against him. C stood at the entrance watching, slowly stroking himself. I became more excited. I turned and pushed the man back on the couch and had him remove his clothes. I wasted no time taking his c*ck in my mouth and start sucking. I had to slow down as not to end the moment too soon. As I played with this stranger's manhood, my husband came from behind and sank right into me. It was so hard and thick, filling every inch of me. He was drowning in my juices. I was still playing lightly with my new toy but after a while I couldn't take it. I needed it in my mouth. I sucked that man with such relish that there was no stopping the inevitable. Delicious.

C moved me over to kneel on the next couch so he could pump me harder and deeper. The man quietly watched, still stroking. Then, just as quietly, put his clothes back on. He thanked us and left, still a stranger. C pumped me until he filled me with his thick load. I passed out from excitement right where I lay. Ectasy.

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