ladies pls a lil fav'  

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2/27/2006 11:57 am

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ladies pls a lil fav'

ladies, pls i need a fav' i am writting a thesis on 'women,love , sex and behavioral patterns. you are not obligated to help me but 4 any of you that might appreciate me atleast a tinny, winny bit ,HELP[yeah am playing on sentiments ] moreso i find that you people here are the only friends i have
see in the real world[not the virtual/cyber world] i am just this boring ol'fart, not the least bit appealling, i dare not meet a lady to help me with this, thus i am here with my real yet unseen friends. here goes

1 your favourite male icon[artist or actor]
2 is it the same factors that makes you find [a guy/gurl] sexually appealling that makes you fall 4 him
3 do you think you partner[male/female]pls specify is sensitive 2 ur needs during sex?
4 does size matter?
5 how uncoventional can you be during sex?
6 where do you draw the line in sex games?
7 a dildo or a dick?
8 do you consider looks a major factor
9 do you like being in control,sharing control or being controlled?
10 how important is mental and verbal stimulation with your partner?
11 if you r in a relationship and you sense a feeling probably deeper than chemistry with another guy wat wld you do?
12 do you think nigerian men have alot to learn about women and thier sexuality?
13 can u wank infront of a guy?
14 do you give a guy u feel something towards a pet name , or allow him give you one e.g silky beaver , or owl
15 mention d 1 thing u think every guy shld have[other than brains, cos i know must of u ladies wld want to go with the apocryphal statement about guys thinking with thier dicks and not brains] so pls dont mention that cos i already know the cliche

thats all for the moment,and ,
the answer to that thot is a yes , maybe and a no
the thot that you have right now
is blaze soliciting?yes
4sex ?maybe
attention? no
NB dont worry i wld credit the thesis to all your handles
blazing out

controversy circles me!!!!

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