what women are really thinking  

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8/2/2005 9:20 am

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what women are really thinking

How much does size really matters to ya'll ladies?

Before I went to my confession, I just want to tell whomever will read this that the things and the views you will read in here are subjective and purely based on personal experience.

You can just call me D. I am a 39 years old and is currently residing in London, Copenhagen, and Maryland. I'm a bit of mysterious type of guy, I'm a people person, and sometimes quiet, reserved, and oftentimes snobbish. I'm a brilliant and a very upright hard worker as software entrepreneur but I'm a unpopular with my so-called friends. People are apprehensive in approaching me because they think I'm a arrogant. Anyway, some of so-called friends later found out that I had reasons for acting like that. I just want you to know that my afro mamba is huge. It is big snake.. And to make matters worse, I show them my afro mamba and I happen to be proud of my afro mamba! I don't care about peeps out there if they have small one!

So my question to ya'll ladies out there... Is that really matters about the size of penis or is that really matters a lots of techniques in bed that make your world goes wild ladies?!


9/20/2005 12:30 am

Size matters to some extent, however sometimes it is not about the size it is about being comfortable with what you got and knowing how to use it. Personally anythingthing over a certain size is painful and pleasurable, and takes more fulfilling. I often wonder if the size of a woman really matters that much too!!!!

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