On the edge. One deal  

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8/16/2005 12:18 am

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On the edge. One deal

I donn't care what the time syas here, it's 1:29 here in morning!

I sold semi trucks and trailers for seven years. Good job! I worked for one man, a high school drop out that earned his way in to the big time by working his ass off. I respect him! Pure will!

A company I once did business with has on a pretty regular basis has 23 trucks about ready to be turned over. Nice trucks! Aluminum wheels, Detroit engines, weigh les than 14.500 pounds.. Very desirable machines!

My problem is to buy these trucks is 172,500.00. Damn man! All the money I have in the world is less than half that! If I can get these trucks I know I can sell them for at least 345,000.00! Ah you guys don’t want to hear this crap!

I have a backer. He is willing to put his money where his mouth is. I put up my 1/3ed and he puts up his 2/3. In return we split the return in his favor!

This is the life I left. Now it is coming back to me in an odd sort of way. I am not working for anyone! My former boss retired about 6 years ago. This early morning phone call is not what I expected!

Now I am under stress again. I left stress. I want the money, and have the contacts. I am really almost in tears! I am so pleased they called me, yet.. am I ready for this again?

The room alone it takes to store 23 trucks! Plus getting them from Texas to Indiana. Guys I know how to do this! I did it for years! Advertising in the truck paper, setting up a different line. Not sure I am up to this,, but if I turn it down, I may never get the chance again!

Why do these people call at this time in the day? Don’t they realize I have a life? I was like this! For over 20 years I was all about the deal. I raised my kid in comfort living this way! Not for myself though! I worked for someone. These people are calling me as a person!

Thing is, I KNOW people who want these trucks! Been about three years since I worked full time t this, I don’t want to be sucked in to that life again! The money sounds nice, and I DO know the people who want these trucks!

IT is always like this. When ever I am not looking for love, love comes. When I am not looking for a challenge, a challenge comes.

See this is silly! Here it is 2 in the morning! I was on the phone for over 30 minutes from the director of transportation in Texas.

Never mind guys!

You know,, I many times think I need a woman to ground me. Make me stop these crazy hours and wild lifestyle! WE men alone do such crazy stuff! My friend, in the largest food chain in the USA, who called me abut the trucks, is single too! What the hell are we both drinking and talking at these wild hours anyway? None of my wives would have allowed this!

Listen.. I am a bit afraid of getting in to the “big time” again. I am taking drugs now for being bi-polar, but I am not sure I can handle it again.

My dad will be up in about two hours. God bless that I still have my dad! He is 80 and still doing fine. HE knows me, and if he says go for it I will. If he has reservations I will not! I make a good living being a flea market sort of guy!

Damn you guys,, my greed is calling me

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