a beautiful thing  

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2/20/2006 11:55 am

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a beautiful thing

a woman's beautiful body. not any one in particular. not even based on size, shape, hight, or weight. not age, color, nor race. they all seem to have some sort of seductive quality to them. they way a woman moves, they way she holds herself can often make a man stop in his tracks. the lines of a woman's body. there are so many. some you can see, some you can feel, but they all drive a man to want more.
there is the line that sweeps from the earlobe down the neck and onto the shoulder. a great place to start with a whisper, a subtle breath, and a soft kiss. she tilts her head back, chin raised and breaths deeply naturally creating a line that seems to scream for a drop of water from a slowly melting cube of ice. the ice is slowly brush across her lips and is pulled away as a small drop of chilled water drips away. it catches her chin, very cold at first. the bead quickly runs down her extended neck warming as is trickles downward and coming to rest as if it had found a natural home between her comforting breasts.
then there is the flowing line that runs from a woman's waist. when standing behind her, starting by placing your hands with your index fingers on the belt line. the pad of your hand able to feel the fleshy part of her ass. the rest of your fingers cupped around her waist as if pointing to a spot they truly wish they could reach. you pull her close, gripping her firmly, bringing her warm body against yours. slowly you start to raise your hands. feeling every inch as you move. fingertips feeling her stomach and your thumb gliding up her back. every curve is felt as you go higher until your fingertips arrive at the base of her breasts. now you feel how her breasts start to cup outward. she suddenly takes a quick breath in, her chest expands, and you lose the contact it seemed your fingers had travel so far to find. you want to reach around, to take them both into your hands. your fingers are throbbing as is the rest of your body. she slowly exhales and leans back where your fingers again find her breasts. she seems so warm. you feel like your being shocked from some internal force. now is the time!!! you start to...

damn, i have to go to work!

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