What Does it Mean To Be A Spiritual Being  

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8/13/2006 10:47 pm

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What Does it Mean To Be A Spiritual Being

I've called myself a spiritual person for a number of years. The reason for that is I never saw my Higher Power in a church or any religous building. My Higher Power is in the out of doors and nature. And maybe thats why I'm so drawn to the Native American spiritual concept. But I take ideas from all because I do keep my mind open. I have a dragon tattoo on my back and in China it's a mythilogical sign of luck and a person that can live through a 54 ft fall has to be lucky. And the Native American give praise to the Eagle so that one will go next to the dragon.
Anyone who's been reading my stuff has seen me go through my self pity shit well I don't have time for that anymore. I've been hiding for to long and I'm not going to anymore lifes way to short for that shit. And self pity is shit. While I was at my camping retreat last weekend. I talked with a number of people about the stuff that remains in my life that can be done not to dwell on stuff that is out of reach for me.

Watch a sunrise or a full moon come up and try to tell someone its your doing. I'll slap you silly because this whole show sure is not our doing. It's way beyond what a mortal being is capable of.
I went to a Sundance last fall and the dancers self sacrafice was not for them but for us and all I could do for them was to support their actions and to shed tears for their pain. What greater love for the people can there be. I can't see any. I pray for that strength to be able to sacrafice so much. And in that sacrifice to gain so much. So I will support these great givers to humankind until the day I'm brave enough to give as much as they do. I have no clue if anyone who looks at this understands me. But putting this out opens my eyes to life and thats why I do it just to be able to share some of me and to see others feedback so that I may learn and grow. Thankd for looking . Jim

silvereclipes2 51M

8/14/2006 12:44 am

i feel the same jim as you do my church is not in a building but under the sky that i know that someone a hell of a lot more powerful them any human ever made.i have even thought about becoming a sun dancer as well as to do the ghost dance. i have seen so much spirituality in my life have studied most of the religions of the world and come to the conclusion that we are been put here to test our souls before we can go to the next plane of existence.it is here that who ever made what we walk on wants to see if we are worthy of the next life or if we are not prepared yet to face what is on the other side.if not then what i think some people call hell is actually is our rebirth back to this world where we will be tested till we can be ready for that next plane.but enough with my belief's as i am sure their are others who would disagree with me on that every one has their own belief's and that is cool its what ever we are comfortable with is all that matters.

rm_bikerjim1961 replies on 8/14/2006 2:33 am:
Thanks Silver. I think its all the same Higher Power. And everyone just goes about different ways of getting to same place.

LilJohn670 44M

8/14/2006 11:10 am

Hi Jim, what you wrote is really cool. I like what you said about watching a sunrise or a full moon coming up.
You must have something good working on your side to survive a 54' fall!
Tell me, what is, Sundance? I seem to remember the name but cannot place it.
I hope you don't mind me giving my opinion on being spiritual, I don't tell anyone what they should believe; I simply tell them what I believe. I am not God and I do not judge others.

I guess we who claim to be spiritual all have our own opinions on who and what we call God - Higher Power - Source, So on . . .
However, the word spiritual is tricky because it is like pointing to the football field and saying; I like that team, when there are two teams on the field. Personally, I think we need to be more specific than to just say we are spiritual. We need to choose a side, a team. I don't attend church and I do not believe in manmade religion either. However, I do believe in the Bible and I read it as if it were an instruction book to life. Like a car manual, how do I get these wipers to work! There is one common denominator that links all Christians and most other faiths, it is Love. My Bible says, “Love one another, by this others will know you are my followers.” Jesus Christ.
As for Nature as we find it in the World, my Bible says, worship the Creator, not the creation. It also says that the Devil, Satan, (He has many names) is the god of this world. He too is a spiritual entity.
You sound like you have a good heart, good intentions. That, I believe is what God looks at, our heart. That is also why places like Alcoholics Anonymous works. Some of the folks that attend A.A. Meetings believe their Higher Power to be their sponsor, and that is fine, God meets them right where they are because A.A. Itself practices many of the principles set forth in the Bible.
Yikes! Are you sorry you asked? Do you feel like kicking the Soap Box out from underneath me? Lol
Have a great day! Thanks for letting me comment on the interesting topic you brought up.

rm_bikerjim1961 replies on 8/14/2006 11:44 am:
Thanks John, I've never even thought of the down side of spiritual life as in satan. I try to look at all that is positive. there is enough negative crap out there as it is. I don't understand much of the Sundance as I've just started to explore it. Just know that I have never felt as calm and close to a higher being as I did at that time. Thanks again for your comment. Jim

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