The Ex  

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5/26/2006 8:15 am

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The Ex

Last night was talking to little brother and we got to reviewing my past experiences with ex wife. There was a connection that was really good for awhile. We were looking for something and we found it in eachother. I was a construction and a safe person to her because I was going to move on to a different place and out of her life. Bet that didnt happen. We married and she stared to travel with me and my cat. We had some goodtimes and bad. I was 40yrs old when we met and was in panic mood thinking I was going to be that old single batchelor dude. Not able to realize that it was ok to be single. Guess Im to much of a hard head. We had a rough go from the start. And we got along much better when I worked 60 hours a week. Well we had a job going in Utah. Beautiful country I loved it there the high desert is inspiring to look at. It was so hot there we would start work before sun rose. Nothing better than being on the steel and watching the sun rise over the desert. But that all changed on Oct. 11/2002 whan the building fell down. And I rode it down 54ft. Almost died that day. But Im much better mow. The ex was with me through it all and very supportive. I thought because little did I know she was cutting me off from my family telling me they did not offer to help in my recovery. Well we had to spend way to much time together. I guess that we grew further apart as my health improved. So now I have way to much time on my hands as I dont work now. Probably never will again and thats hard to accept for a workaholic. But it is getting easier as time goes on. My life is a do over and its up to me to steer it in the right derection. I am just putting thoughts down here for me to look at and to think about. Im waiting on my disability case to finalize and I am tired of how long it takes. Beause I cant make many plans until that happens. Was in school for awhile but my head injuries where to sever and memory is shot. Ill find something to fill my dreams. I am filling one I love to ride. And probably ride to excess but oh well it keeps my head straight. Well bikes calling for me now have to go answer the call. More later.

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5/26/2006 11:55 am

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