If they only new  

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8/27/2006 11:42 pm

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If they only new

Everyone assumes that I am still an expert wrench because I ride a motorcycle. And at one time I was built my own engines aand planned wat parts would work best with this and that.
The bike I ride is a Honda so you change the oil and the tires as needed not very hard. New stuff baffles me I look under the hood of my caddy and say oh shit. But I don't freak on this stuff because doesn't really matter big or small they are all the same. It's just that I'm still more of a construction guy than a mechanic. It's all fun and I can help others. So nothing wrong with that. Just don't ask for a rebuild because the next engine I do is for me and it is not going to be a gas sipper.

silvereclipes2 51M

8/29/2006 1:39 pm

well jim i started out binging a mechanic and and when i open the hood to the newer one's i say the same as you oh shit is only a start when your fixing cars you learn to speak a whole new language .that is why shop owners won't let people back in the shop area since most people would have strokes if they heard the swearing and other things were saying about these new cars.that is why i am out of that game and went to construction was about to have a stroke every time i opened a hood.figured it could'nt be worse then what i was dealing with......lol.

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