Experiences and Contradictions  

rm_bikerjim1961 57M
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6/7/2006 1:10 am

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12/11/2006 8:58 pm

Experiences and Contradictions

Ive had people ask me if I could change my past what would it be? And it could be nothing it has to be nothing. My past is what makes me the man that I look at in the mirror. Good and bad thats who I am. And I like that guy most times. So I cant change any. My past has taught me the lessons and I learned from them. Still a hard head so had to relearn some but oh well. My life is full of contradictions. As a kid I was a farm boy. Dad lost farm in early 70s. I was going to be a farmer. Instead I became a hood stealing and selling drugs for drugs. Then Omaha Home for Boys till I was 18 then figured I new what was best for Jim. Boy was I wrong. Went in to army drank my way across europe. Have to go back to Germany just to see what I missed. Served country for 3yrs. As a drunk but I thought that was normal. Still dont know what normal is. Maybe someone else dose. Was always a runner and still am but mot quire as bad. I sobered up in 87 and woked hard at it alot harder than I do now which is wrong. Went from drunk to workackolic. As an ironworker loved it. Then building fall down and go boom no more ironworker. Fell in love with bikes gives me a smile just to think of the day I started into fhis lifestyle. Have met many who share same. My is pretty damn good for a guy who should be dead. I believe that someone was watching out for me and I still have alot to give to the world now just have to learn what it is.

countryheart_71 46F
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6/7/2006 4:02 am

Of course there is someone watching out for you. My dad was pronounced dead twice! He had the toe tag on and the priest gave him his last rights to live. He sat up both times. There is a reason that he is here. I have learned that reason already and I am so grateful for it. You never know what life has waiting for you around the corner! Glad to see that you are still here among us.


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