anothere day  

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8/15/2006 8:15 pm
anothere day

Well another day has come and gone and I'm still here hanging out with you ppl. and many happy returns. let's see today has been a pretty good one no big drama in my life just your that I enjoy I am starting to question the amount of time I spend in this thing and by checking the (who's online now ) feature i see that I'm not alone there are alot of you hanging out here for very extended periods of time so does that mean were sex addicts. I hope notmay be we all need to find sex anonymis spelled wrong Iknow but what the hell. god I'm just so bored tonight well this blog sucks so i will quit suffice to say that I'm a little complacent in my pursuits... I quess that is the nature of the beast I did read a womans blog today where she was complaing about the ppl she wanted not wanting her you know my only thought there was if they don't want you for you with all your faults why bother. just move on and look else where It doesn't seem to make since to me to go pining after some body if the effort isn't returned I mean hell if you have to convince them to like you is it really worth it or r you goin to spend the rest of you life trying to become something your not I say hell no here I'm am this is the man I be i'm not perfect nor claim to be just be straight with ppl and you will find what you seek from the person god intends you to be with ( now that does sound funny on here )the g- word
and not spot for those who are just scanning although the g-spot is one of favorite places to tickle i love the way they squirm when you have it i guess we could say this random thought night oh(personality test) I think i did mine wrong they have me as a scholar and I don't think i match that very much at all I mean my head is full of useless info but the love part was way off base
cause i seem to place more on my partners emotional conection to me than i do there intelect. well don't get me wrong i'm extremely attracted to smart women but i place great value on there emotional level also when i start looking at them as a potential long term mate itI wonder do any of you start to judge who you are with diferently when you start to consider them for more !! bI'm eager to hear

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