a little jealous  

rm_bikerdad22 51M
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8/22/2006 6:49 am
a little jealous

A friend of mine just posted her profile on here no pic and a fairly mild description of her sexual desires. OMG her box blew up 90 in a day. I was so jealous of her getting that many reponse's in a day. I haven't had 90 mails in the entire time i've been on but after she was talking about them i relized that most were just some desperate horney bastards trying to bag anyone on here they had no respect for her desires or requiremants in a mate not that. i believe she is looking this was all at my prompting her profile that is.But it made me think about the emails I send out and the lack of reponse I get in most case's it is easy to get lost in the shuffle around especially with that kind of onslaught of mail Ive never been rude to a woman on here it's just not my style don't get me wrong I'm not claiming to be a nice guy.nor am I tame in my desires just repectful of those I contact. and most who respond are respectfull of me there are however some game playin women out there and i get a kick out of them most are so transparent that all I do is laugh when i see the game coming.well here arte some thoughts for toady

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