This really floors me  

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2/21/2006 9:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This really floors me

Although my success rate on this site isn't very high...ok, so it's zero, I am beginning to figure out some things.

First, I was amazed at how many beautiful young women are on here looking for sex. Then I started thinking, Well...maybe this isn't a plea for sex, but a plea for income???? It's been my experience, when I was single and dating, that beautiful young women CAN GET LAID PRETTY EASY.

I've already lamented about my success rate on this site (see my previous post), but the longer this goes on the more I feel many of these folks are after something other than sex. Now, those of you reading this may say "Duh" Bighammer, but hey, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

I read a post by a couple that stated: "we're for real and not after money". Damn, that's pretty obvious.

Anyway, if your a woman, and your reading this, please check out my profile to see if I would interest you at all.....(sounds like I'm begging, but I need to either make this work or move on to another site)

I hope all is well with each and every one of you.


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