WTO to dictate US immigration policy and more!  

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12/14/2005 9:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WTO to dictate US immigration policy and more!

World Trade Organization says the United States will have to open its market to more foreign temporary workers as part of any new world trade deal, despite strong opposition in the US Congress.

The World Trade organization is growing so strong that it is threatening this nation's Democratic process, our very sovereignty. The WTO could soon try to eliminate congressional power over immigration and visa policy. It is now poised to award stunning new concessions. Concessions intensely opposed by local U.S. governments.

There are talks of sanctions against the US by the WTO if the US does not open its market to foreign workers.

If that is not bad enough state and local officials should know that, their authority over land use is being eroded by federal trade negotiators at the WTO. U.S. towns, cities and states could find zoning laws challenged in international trade court. If the 1994 WTO general agreement on trade and services is changed, it could be harder to limit and restrict growth of big box and foreign stores in the US. Retailers deny they are trying to use the WTO as a back door to change local laws.
The World Trade Organization is trying to lift government limits on the size, height and number of stores that can be established in the country, a move that could make it easier for giant and foreign retailers to expand into smaller communities over the objections of its residents.

If the WTO has it way city and state governments will have no say as to what stores products or workers are permitted in their jurisdiction. The WTO will supersede our judgment, our laws and our way of life.

To many Americans sit placidly while our way of life, our jobs and our future being destroyed by big business and crooked bureaucrats.

Let the WTO decide our policies and our future? HELL NO!

If the WTO is allowed to dictate our policies then its time for Americans to go to war with the crooks in Washington who allowed it to happen.

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