There's nothing like it  

rm_biggun54321 40M
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8/31/2006 3:31 pm
There's nothing like it

Tell you what - this might sound dumb, but I love cumming. I love that feeling of an orgasm, when you know that you're just about to reach that point of no return.

As a guy, you can feel you balls harden, your dick gets as hard as granite and you can literally feel that warm spunk making its break for freedom!

Then, I love the ejaculation. I love shooting my wad , knowing full well that at the next contraction there's gonna be more. Cumming again and again until I'm dry.

After that - I get a kick out of watching my hard dick slowly but surely lose its stiffness and slowly but surely deflate as the moment's over. I can tell you this, 'cos it's just happened. What a mess I've made! If anyone wants any pictures then lemme know!

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