Why doe sit always happen to me?  

rm_bigbobt1971 46M
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7/30/2006 6:41 am
Why doe sit always happen to me?

You meet a sexy lady that loves to be fucked, you fuck a few times and then they deide that you want to much from them and you can't give them what they need.
She was great, beautiful, sexy and a great lover. I was straight from the start that i was married and just after the sex. She seemed to be ok with that although she said she wanted some one in her bed at night. I know she was still looking on here for some one else and was just glad to have meet a lady that could/would fuck me that was so beautiful. Then things change and i am at a lose to when. Yes i had been sending more text messeges than before but only because i had not seen her for five or six days and i did not want her to think it was just the sex that i was after even though it realy was just the sex. Great sex. Then he sends me an e-mail say its over as she thinks i was after or relying on her to much. I do not class my self as a hunk or even close but with the right lady like this i could fuck three or four times in the time we had each time we met. She gave me the impression that she wanted to keep fucking me for a long time as she had been with out for a while. This was great for me as i had found my fuck buddy. Then it just stopped. pity as i am sure she was enjoying herself as well as i was

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