Just to hot for anything but sex  

rm_bigbobt1971 47M
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7/20/2006 6:33 am
Just to hot for anything but sex

I love the hot weather, Getting the tan back, getting real hot. The only problem is when i am hot i get o horny. I have ben working in the garden all day with just my shorts on. The sweat is running down my back and dripping from my forhead. All i can think about is having a goo hard fuk with big L. (She knows who she is and while i will let you all now how and what we get upto i will not name her. She is mine).
The thought of having her in the swimming pool, her back against the side and me thruting my cock into her pussy just makes me so hard. She i working today which is a shame as she would of been well and truly fucked. I am thinking of you big L and if you finish early and fancy a walk in the woods let me know you have my number.

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