My ass was always off limits...  

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2/28/2006 6:29 pm

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My ass was always off limits...

My ass was always off limits.

Until my ex introduced me to stimulation of the perineum. I'd never heard of the perineum before. I didn't know that little area between the ass and balls on a man, or the ass and vagina on a woman, had a name.

The first time she touched me there, I was plenty nervous. It was a little too close to comfort if you know what I mean. But I learned to relax and found out that the sensitive spot getting some stimulation can be pleasurable when combined with attention to my pussy and clit. Once I got past worrying about whether she was going to try invading my ass, I learned to relax and enjoy the stimulation.

On one particular visit, she brought some toys along and she made it known that a strap-on was included in the back of tricks. She kept nagging me about it. She was obsessed. And, in a moment of weakness, I relented.

She walked into the room wearing nothing by a harness around her waist and a huge smile. It was soon readily apparent that she was in control. I was not allowed to see the phallus, which I would find out later was probably a good thing.

Soon I was on my knees on the bed as my lover was applying lube to my virgin ass. And before long the head of a latex cock was pressing against my sphincter. I took a deep breath, telling myself that whatever I do… don't clinch.

The sensation of the cock sliding into my ass was something I could not have imagined. She slowly entered me from behind, graciously taking her time with me. After what seemed like several minutes she started sliding the cock back a bit. Working into a rhythm. Fucking my ass slowly.


The more accustomed to her fucking I became the faster she went. Soon her hands were gripping my hips and she was fucking me harder. Then I felt her pelvis pressing against my ass.

"Oh, my God. It's all the way in," she said. "I'm all the way inside you," she said.

She rocked hard against my ass grunting with each thrust. The harness rubbing against her clit with each plunge.

Soon after she withdrew the cock from my ass. I was hit by the duel feelings of relief and emptiness almost simultaneously.

Later, after she had removed the condom from it and cleaned it she allowed me to see the large, black, 8-inch latex cock that she had moments before slammed to the hilt inside my ass.

I was stunned. She was virtually giddy.

Before she left that weekend I told her that if she wanted to fuck me again she could. I'm not sure why, but I wanted to give her that gift. This time there was no hiding the large cock, and before I let her fuck me with it, I made my first attempt at fellatio on her fake cock, sucking it and stroking it while trying to make sure the harness was rubbing against her clit.

She again fucked me from behind. Looking back now, I wish we had tried a different position. I wish I could have seen her face while her cock was sliding into my ass.

Not long after that weekend we parted company. Some fantasies explored, others left untouched. But I can't say my ass is still untouched. Not any more.

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2/28/2006 7:01 pm

i still need to try it!

Purry {=}


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