Age is just a number.  

AggieArgosPilus 44M
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9/15/2005 6:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Age is just a number.

Today I turn 32 years old. I am having a great life. My friends are the greatest in the world. I feel at this stage in my life this is the happiest I have ever been. Truly the 30's are the golden years. I use to think of myself as a stumbling blundering nerd. Well I still think I'm nerdy but I'm a smart, handsome, financially secure nerd. I had the worse time talking to females when I was in my younger hot shit years. Now nooooo problem. I feel like I am understanding women for the first time. It's amazing how a little maturity will solve so many problems. Youth just can't see this. Lots of young guys go to clubs, bars etc. They try to talk to females. The females flip them off. Suddenly they are mad at everybody. These same punks are the ones who are in some guy face later trying to fight. When I go out now I'm thinking, whatever happens, happens. I sip my beer, relax, maybe dance and booyah, some girl will always do something to get you to either say something to her or start talking to you first.
Do you know how much pussy we men are missing simply because of immaturity. I for one don't plan to miss much more. Now who in their right mind doesn't want to grow old?

rm_1SweetBitch 56F
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12/24/2005 9:52 pm

Immaturity is something we all go through in life...we go through stages...with every stage we come out wiser. Before ya know it, you are old and speaking words of wisdom to the young ones lol.

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