~The Office's Hallway~  

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1/30/2006 8:51 pm

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~The Office's Hallway~

She stood at the door her back to the hall
He came towards her making no sound at all.
Looking left and looking right
He found not a soul in sight.
He came up behind her and lifted her skirt
She drew in a breath because she smelled his shirt.
Leaning back into his chest
She smiled as the hand found her breast.

She did not turn for she knew it was him
He grinned and continued to caress her skin.
Stroking her slowly helping her rise
He inhaled the scent coming from her thighs.

He slipped his fingers deeper in
She groaned as her head pressed into his chin.
Feeling the wetness surrounding his hand
She felt so weak like she could not stand.

She heard the cart coming down the hall
He didn't stop pressed them closer to the wall.
Silently cries came from between clinched lips
He lifted his leg and shifted her hip.

He whispered her name gently in her ear
She thought she'd faint as the cart came nearer.
Drawing abreast of the coupled pair
She felt the towel thrown in the air.

She concentrated on the crest that was rising
He wanted to taste of her sweet climaxing.
Bringing her to the place she needed to be
He delayed the feast of this delicacy.

He felt her shudder and the sweet release
She let herself go into sweet ecstasy.
Slipping the card key back into the door.
They fell in the room, and continued on the floor.

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