~Gentle Love~  

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1/28/2006 2:08 pm

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~Gentle Love~

Tender skin,
soft under my finger tips.
Dark eyes that watch my touch,
closing only when overtaken by pleasure.

A pretty face,
framed in soft hair.
Unpainted lips,
responsive to my gentle kiss.

Full round breasts,
youthfully eager for attention.
Each nipple firming
to my loving touch.

Soft smooth skin,
tender on inner thighs.
Shapely legs open
to my gentle persuasion.

Delicate secrets revealed,
hungry to know more of love,
Wet with passion's sweet nectar
tender to a lover's touch.

Oh dear woman,
your heart is precious,
Your spirit soars
When desire overwhelms you.

Oh sweet lady,
my desire for you consumes me.
To know your heart
And fly high with your spirit.

Hold me closely
and touch me in gentle ways.
Receive in return
the gifts of my love and desire for you.

Let's be together
for this brief time we walk this path.
Let's learn of joy
and take fond memories when we part.

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