Bad girl fantasies. .  

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12/2/2005 3:20 am

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Bad girl fantasies. .

I thought that as I got older I would sort of dry up. Amazingly, I am more horny than ever, and not having much of an outlet has led me here, amoung other places. What strikes me is that I really missed out on my youth, when most people look to express this sort of stuff. Alas, I was too rigid then. I would advise any of you younger folks to think about that, because when you get a little more mature it may not be so easy to find someone to play with.

So my fantasy is that I get a chance to explore what was forbidden in my younger life, with the advantage of being a little more worldly now. Looking back on it, what I really wanted was a "bad girl." Those would be the girls who got off on being sexual. They were ok with getting a guy excited. They even got excited themselves, at the prospect of being seen as sexually desirable.

So, in this fantasy, I meet one of these bad girls. She too is a little older now. Say 39. (I have always thought that 39 was a really sexy age for women.) She can tell that I am oh so stable, not bad looking, freindly, and easy to talk to. She may or may not be attached, but she is very independent minded, and decides for herself who she is attracted to, and what she wants to do about it. She is healthy, clean, and confident.

I see her at the book store. She has several calendars that she is picking up for gifts. She notices me noticing her and we exchange smiles. Coincidentally, we end up going out into the parking lot together. Its a blustery day, and a gust of wind blows her hat off. I catch it and hand it back to her. The simpatico is strong between us, more smiles and a little chit chat emboldens me. I tell her she has a nice smile and ask her if I could buy her a cup of coffee, at the coffee place right next door. She nods affirmatively. and we sit down at a table together. I notice her perfume, I think she is attracted to me, she is looking at my wedding ring. She has a gleam in her eye. She knows where I want to go, and she knows she can take me there.

(Should I continue this tale???)

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