Part III. Changes. More better sex? Or not?  

rm_benluv 55M
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8/8/2006 6:55 am
Part III. Changes. More better sex? Or not?

On we went from day to day and week to week, as the weather began to turn. We got along for the most part, hardly a fight, lots of Friday conversations and sex on her creaky metal bed frame. I made dinner for her on Tuesdays, I think it was, her free night during the week. She really appreciated that she said, looked forward to it very much.
But under the surface, things were changing. Maybe it can be traced to one remark she made back in late September. She told me, offhandedly, that (what were her words?) she once had an inappropriate relationship with her therapist, and it was starting to bother her. When she said it, it struck me as strange, but I didn’t think about it much. At first…
So was that remark the seed of doubt that began to sprout as the weather grew cool? The Vikings were still winning, blowing teams out. I had my buddies and my bicycle and my budget, great running car and cheap stylish city apartment. What was changing? Why was it changing? Why, when I went home alone to visit my family at Christmas, did I feel like ending that relationship?
But I resisted the temptation to break up that I felt from the sexy sounding people I had met in a couple of online chat rooms. I returned to town after Christmas still a boyfriend to Katie. Katie and I still did the things we enjoyed ‒ overnight stays with lots of sex when the kids were at their dad’s, good coffee with breakfast, maybe a trip to Mary’s house so we could all share in the afterglow. I was feeling like a stud, not to mention a happy football fan with me team poised to go deep in the playoffs! But in the cold of winter that January, all kinds of life-changing events were about to seize me and shake me.

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