it gets better  

rm_beisball22 57M
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7/21/2006 1:52 pm
it gets better

why in the world do you raed a profile the match is a 29............nothing in common and insist on filling up my e-mails. then there's the pic of this beautiful women wet, shaved, breasts, raelly sex pic,, profile reads long term relationship want to have fun. hope you like kids. why don't you just wear a moo moo and let you personal charm sweep them off their feet. photos are a way to bring youre attention to the subject. but if i have to show my dick , i would think you must be very insecure about something ,,size shape,,,same goes for women,.. no one wants to meet. chemistry is formed from a meeting not a photo. impressions are made from photos , and not everyone takes good pictures. ask any women to see their drivers lic. get the pic. it's all in between the 5 inches upstairs i hope some of you can figure that out.

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