useless and not so useless shit about me...  

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7/25/2006 2:49 pm

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useless and not so useless shit about me...

-was born in Magog, Quebec, Canada..A pisces through and through...too sensitive, gullable and caring, but good at everything I do!!
-Lived in Rwanda, Africa between the ages of 1 and 4..
-was breifly kidnapped harm done
-grew up with a sister who was adopted there
-was raised in New Brunswick, in the country
-live in Montreal, and hate the big city
-had a daughter when I was 22
-lost my daughter to S.I.D.S. 2 months later
-have been single for 5 years, by my choice
-put myself through school at night to get a chemisty degree
-hated working for 6$/hr
-have some sort of complex when it comes to talking to beautiful women
-hate the fuck out of that complex!!
-seem to attract exactly the opposite of what i'm looking for
-haven't had sex since February!!!
-have reasons..
-am going kinda nuts!!!
-have never been in a fist fight in my life
-that being said, won the golden gloves in boxing in high school...
-need to loose 15 lbs...
-tried every stupid diet there is to avoid exercise
-know i dont have much choice left!!!
-would like to meet an insatiable woman and fuck so many times a day, i'll lose those pounds in a month!!
-don't have much more of this in me...
-would love to hear from you...ya you...the sexy blonde...(or brunette or redhead,

thats it for now...

the pic is of my two favorite jerks, Casey and Max

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