three weeks  

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5/11/2006 8:30 am

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three weeks

So its been three weeks now since I last got any play. It's wearing on me, something bad. Yesterday at work we were talking about how many people we've fucked. One of the guys has only had sex with 9 people and he just turned 22. I kept my lil mouth shut, dont wanna seem too loose because I'm not usually. I just enjoy my body and like to share it with others, the ones with cocks usually. One of the servers, B. who's in the army and works out every day and runs everyday, mostly due to insecurity I think. He asked the three chicks, myself, my manager Sh. and my other manager Sa. how many sex toys we had. When I asked him how many he thought we had he said Sh who is almost 30 probably has one, Sa who is almost 23 has two and I would have six. When I asked B. why he thought I would have six he said I would have them just to have them. I actually have three. He has none he 'says' but then we got to talking bout using them with partners and how much fun it is. Which it is but still. Love the real thingaling. So all thru talking like this I'm getting hornier and hornier which isnt helpful since my cherry pink panties are nearly soaked anyhoo. Damn I want a dick in me bad.

rm_MrViagra06 35M

5/11/2006 8:56 am

awww, poor you.

im sure you'll have some cock very soon. i'd offer myself but the distance makes that pretty impossible.
im afriad a pic is all i could do.

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