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6/10/2006 8:58 am

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So last thursday night I had the redhead over again, he's only fucked four girls and compared to my double digits count makes it a bit wierd. He has very little foreplay even if I try really hard to have some. He banged me for a while and he took too long to cum, it got a bit mechanical and theres nothing really sexy about how we do it. No sexy talking or anything, same position, missionary, same strokes no altering...and he just watches me doesnt do anything or say anything. Ive asked him what he might want to do to spice it up but he just said that he'd think about it. An intervention might be in need....heeeheeehee


ushouldtryme2 41M

6/22/2006 8:52 pm

You need to make a change in your sex schedule and put me on your list because your wasting time with whoever is fucking you now..I am all of what he is not and promise i could satisfy you beyond your wildest dreams if you are serious and truly want to enjoy some memorable moments and unforgetable sex then write or call me and lets hook up..I would make you cum so many times you couldnt get out of bed the next day I would and could make you a very happy young lady

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