Losing Poker, Little Time  

rm_bazzarkt06 31F
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4/19/2006 4:14 pm
Losing Poker, Little Time

So yea last night, former fouraces which I'll call Aa came over. We played strip poker but when youre wearing only 3 pieces of clothes each the game dosent last very long. So we played for a while, then I got Aa pretty hard with my hand then had some fun with him with my mouth. A whole lot of fun with my mouth apparently, but the little gasps and moans he was letting out were gettin my so hot. I could feel my juices start flowing. So I pause from stucking his cock and he starts to kiss me. Its been a long while comming since Ive been with such a good kisser! I'm ready to rock and roll and I've clearly stoked his fire so I pause to get the rubber on him and he gets his awesome cock in me, a few slow pumps to start and I'm extatic! But the next thing I know, he's slowing down and I want more more! He cums. After about 30 seconds in me he cums! damnit! He says hes so embarassed and he cant believe that he's done so quickly...He said its been about five years since hes done that. Its more my fault because I played with him for a while, He said I'm more confident now than last year around this time and it's probably truer than not. He was not happy and more embarrased than not about it but we've got a month to do it better before he gets shipped off. And I have to beat him eventually at strip poker!
You're going down Aa., way down!


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