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Give your man a helping hand
Give yourself an orgasm head start by masturbating before you have sex. Some women find their pubic mound, nipples or inner thigh particularly sensitive... explore your own body and work out what works for you. Stroke, rub and caress yourself for a few minutes before your partner does and prepare for the Big O!

Get on top
An oldie but a goodie! Straddling your man means that you can take control of how fast, slow, or deep you want it, and watching him watch you can be a real turn-on as well. Position yourself on top of him and wiggle around a little so that your clitoris is in direct contact with his body, and try rotating your hips in slow circles to achieve an amazing orgasm

Have sex during your period
If you feel the yuck-factor is too high on this one, wait until your menstrual flow is at its lowest ‒ towards the end of your period ‒ to minimise the 'I've been shot where it hurts' look for your bloke. All the abdominal muscles and nerve endings are at their most sensitive during your period, which can make for some pretty explosive orgasms. And as a bonus, sex is a sure-fire painkiller if you're prone to nasty cramps

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