And another missed...  

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11/2/2005 2:21 am

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And another missed...

Since being over here there have been a few "incidents" cause injury and sometimes death. Many guys around me deal in different ways. I myself have a hard time finding ways to deal with it. Sometimes anger sometime nothing at all...
Recently a close associate of mine was invovled in one of these "incidents" and he lost his life. Its a painful time knowing you just laughed and joked about the world series with someone then the next thing you know they dont come was the Memorial service and the biggest issue of all was how the media as well as some ignorant pompus asses would try to bend this all against the President or how this Great Man gave his life for a worthless cause. This is the biggest load of crap ever to be thought of. This Man gave his life for the freedoms and beliefs that give YOU and the rest of America the right and priveledge to Bitch, Whine , and Comp[lain about everything.

So the next time you go to Starbuck and get you Espresso or Latte and read the paper and say what a fucking dumb Idea it is being over here, or any other 3rd world country, think about the oath everyone of us took to protect your asses and give you the FREEDOM to sit in your $40000 car and listen to talk radio and drink coffee and live a life where you dont have to go through the Hell of being somewhere where every face you see might be your last.
Its not a nice thought but just be proud that Im here and your not!!!

"Americans Sleep In Peace Only Because Brave Men Stand Ready To Do Violence On Their Behalf.."


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