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rm_banger11111 34M
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8/17/2006 2:37 pm

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who's serious

Ok so ive been on here for a couple weeks now. Got the membership and set up the profile and everything. After i got my account all set up, i started browsing around to see who all was on here. Well ill have to say that there is a wide variety of people on here all wanting something differint on here. so i sent a few letters and a couple invites. some replied and some ive never saw anything from them again. But most of them ive talked to send a message or too and then just dissapear. ok this is a sex site, lets get real. if you wanted to find a real relationship then theres several other sites for that. dont really know what im sayin here, i really just rambling. but who's here to find some fulfillment in one part of their life and leave it at that. and who's here just to have some fun checkin out profiles? may not be a great blog but hey, i got some points for it so yeah.

Siana1967 50F
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8/17/2006 3:27 pm

Ok, so i'm new here as well and yes, outward appearances would make you think that we're all just looking for a good lay. However, the truth of the matter is (for me at least) that yeah, I'm looking for a good time, fun, interesting expereinces, new things, all of that but I also fantasize that the "one" is around here to and what better place to meet him then on a site that offers freedom to say what you like and what you want. That way, when I get him home, he's not shocked or "scared" because he suddenly finds out that I'm a little kinky.
Mostly I think the people here, well, the single people anyway, are looking for like minded people for friendship, friendship with benefits, just plain fucking and some of us (I would think more than you would imagine) Hope that when the dust settles Mr. or Mrs. Right is hanging around the bedroom and not running scared cause you opened your chest of toys and there happened to be a few ropes, whips, chains inside.
Also, if you like the swinging life style then there's lots of different expereinces to choose from here.
Anyway, happy hunting.
On with the waves we ride,

Hydragenias 57F

8/17/2006 5:28 pm

Welcome to the blogs! drop on by and say Hi any ole time!


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