A New Begining  

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7/21/2005 8:53 am

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A New Begining

So, No shit there i was..... Thats a general saying i usually start out my old war stories with. Most of the people i work with can hardly believe some of the things i have seen in the past few years( good thing i haven't told them the things i've done). The hardest part about my depature from the military has been leaving my comrades, my brother, my family. These guys are the salt of the earth and i would not be the crazy SOB i am today without thier influance. Take for Instance my marital status. I Am married... although i don't know if its a happy marrage. But i guess a lot of folks feel the same way i do. I hink my past experiances are the main reason why i took up fly fishing. Thers nothing quite as peacefull as standing in the middle of some river out in BFE and listening to the silence. Peace is just about the only thing i crave anymore.... gave up drinking a while ago not in any small part due to my recent travels.

Peace.....its all we ever really want am i right? no gunshots, no explosions, just quiet. Its like the line from part 2 of band of brothers.... at the very end Lt. Winters is Standing on a hill looking out into the france after having just completed his companys mission on D-day. In that line he states something that resonates with most every soldier who has seen battle and been lucky enough to come home.

"I thanked god for letting survive that day of days, and asked his help to survive to the end of the war. I promised him, and myself, that after this was all over i would find a nice plot of land in the country and live out the rest of my days in peace."

Thats what im trying to do now... coping with lost friends, and comrades i havents seen in to long.... but i will persavere.... because i have my own little peace.... no matter how small and how fleting it may be at least i have it.

and god have mercey on the next SOB who tries to take it from me.

thanks for taking the time to read some of my thoughts. feel free to contact me on these anf future postings....

thanks folks.

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