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10/18/2005 5:25 am

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Men are created equal; rich or poor, beautiful or ugly,short or tall, white , black , asian and other minorities.EQUAL AND FAIR that each has his own emptiness, his own unique needs, and sometimes, somehow,no matter how hard we tried, we cannot get what we truly wanted and need...There goes the desperation.
in most men,its SEX, in some women: security.....
Finding each other is like communing with mutual needs....To some narrow minded individuals,this has a name;PROSTITUTION.
Prostitution is as ancient as a human being's desire for sex and needless to say, they are everywhere, as long as there is "hunger" on this side of the naked earth.Once I heard my teacher said,"necessity is the mother of invention",
AND POOOOFFF ! prostitutes sprouted like countless geenies, to make your wish their command in exchange of "Bread"( so man does not live by bread alone).During these times when women are trying to equal men ( so do men too in prostitution , hehehe)
Isn't it our personal responsibility to decide for ourselves than judge others? The site is venue for prostitution.Ok, no denial and most men will strongly agree.
Havent you told that to the women too??
Once there was a time in my life when I desperately want sex...I swear I could have looked for a male hooker that time.Not a hooker I found but a cucumber, hehehhe...All of us,even once in our life may become DESPERADOS....hopelessly seeking for sex, money or sex and money.....
(This was taken from my original article in asian ladies and foreigns" local indonesian group)

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10/23/2005 7:16 am

We are all unique. We all have desires. We all want to be liked and loved. To find this wonderful combination is truly a great discovery. I would love to chat...

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1/2/2006 11:52 pm

When I was nine or 10, my mom first described prostitution to me in the following way, "people who like sex decide do it for a living" (paraphrased). Since then, I learned that many, if not most, prostitutes are doing it involuntarily, either to feed drug addictions, or because they've been kidnapped, or because their pimp will kill them if they leave.

Yet, I know women who say their ideal job would be prostitution (so long as they had some say in who there clients would be).

My objection to prostitution is that it commodifies sex. In an ideal world, I think sex should be free, just as air is free, just as fire is free, and (in most countries) rain water is free. Some people consider sex to be sacred--and what's sacred cannot be bought or sold.

It's a complicated issue, but I believe in legalizing prostitution. I think that would reduce the criminal elements (e.g., pimps and human trafficing) and reduce disease transmission vis-a-vis mandatory medical check-ups.

In an ideal world, I think sex should be free, but until we acheive that ideal world (or at least a better world), legalized prostitution is a temporary solution to a lot of problems. Just my opinion.

I'll write more on this later. I have known a few prostitutes in my day, so if anyone's interested, I have more to say...

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