Wednesday 30 March 2006  

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Wednesday 30 March 2006

Well it seems I talked to soon !
On the way back from La Lucia, I decided to drive through Marine Parade and see what's happening. Saw Sam along the way and we went for brunch. Caught up on old times and then went for a drive up the coast.

We stopped at this beautifull little cove and chatted. Not long and we were making out like crazy. That girl has the most wonderfull soft lips and she knows how to tease you with her tongue, as it flickers in and out of my mouth. She lovess to tease me as we go a long, heightning the pleasure. I caressed her perky breast and played with her nipples through her thin top, as she did not have a bra on.

Just as we were about to get serious, a call came in from the offfice and I had to leave. On the way back to drop her off, she unzipped me and started to caress me. The road were not very busy, so she leaned over and took me into her mouth. It took all my concentration to stay on the road and at the correct speed !

Her mouth felt great as she passionately "devoured" me. I could not hold any longer and exploded inside her mouth, she took every last drop. She then gave me kiss in the neck and lay her head on my shoulder as we continued on our way.

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