Thursday -23 March 2006  

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Thursday -23 March 2006

I have this girlfriend, Chante, that I see every now and again, no strings attached, we both just like to have some fun whenever we can. She is 19, blonde and have this amazing tattoo on her back just above her very shapely ass. She also has a tongue ring that works wonders. She is currently studying at varsity and shares an appartment with Mandy, whom has dark hair and these huge boobs that drive guys wild.

On Thursday I had about and hour and a half between appointments and as I was in the area, decided to drop by Chante and see if she is home.

Whe I arrived at Chante's place, she was there and we sat and had a cooldrink. Before the cool drink were finished, she were on top of me and we started kissing each other. She slowly worked her way down and unzipped me. She then proceded to give me one of her mindblowing BJ's. Man she is good !
We worked our way to the bedroom and spent an enjoyable half an hour making love. She likes being at the bottom. Whilst in this position she folds her legs around my waist and squeezes harder and harder the closer she comes to orgasm, whilst moaning softly. We both had an explosive orgasm and lay there a while just holding each other, whilst relaxing. Whilst we chatted she mentioned that she would like to include Mandy sometime for a 3 some. Obviuosly I did not have any objection to this and told her that it would be more than fine.

Being properly spent, I raced to the nearest take away, to try and replenish some energy before my next appointment.

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