Monday 03 aqpril 2006  

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4/4/2006 12:43 am
Monday 03 aqpril 2006

Monday morning and I am in dire need of some serious fun !

After my morning appointments, I decided to go visit the Bluff area and in particular Brighton Beach, keeping in mind off course that it is the holiday season and the probability of finding a willing lady is quite high.

Had something to drink at the beach cafe and started chatting to Lienkie, a girl in her late twenties, with dark hair and petite built, from Richards Bay. She is down here to have a break from everyone and everything back home and seemed to be in the right mood.
We got on like a house on fire and after a while she asked if I could drop her at her flat to fetch something.

When we got there she asked me in for a drink and I willingly obliged.

Once inside she poured us a drink and got rid of her beach gown, sitting down next to me only in her bikini. She has lovely breasts and I struggled to keep my eyes off them, never mind my hands !

As she sat quite close to me while we chatted I managed to brush against her quite often, she did not mind this at all. I decided it were time and started running my hand up her leg, commenting how smooth her legs were. She smiled and said thank you. There were no objection as I slid my hand up higher and started to caress her through her bikini bottom, I could feel that she were enjoying this. I put my left arm around her shoulder and started to caress her breast, whilst the right hand were still teasing her now moist pussy.

She tilted her head to me and we kissed, whilst she started to fondle me through my pants. We both were getting very excited very quickly and she moved herself on top of me whilst we were passionately kissing each other, hands going all over each others bodies. I removed her top to expose her lovely breast and moved my head down her neck and took her nipple in my mouth. She gasped ecstatically and started to writhe on top of me in mock sex movements .

She then started o unbutton my shirt and removed it so she could kiss me in my neck and nibble on my nipples. By this time I was rock hard and it strained against my pants. She slowly moved down and unbuckled my belt,opened my trousers and took it off. She then took me into her mouth, oh boy it felt so good, as she worked her way from the base to the head, pausing to engulf the head in her mouth, with her tongue swirling around it, before going back down again, fluttering over my balls and then back up to take me into her mouth once more.

I decided it was time to return the favor so I motioned her onto the couch and knelled between her legs, putting her legs over my shoulder, before starting to explore her pussy with my tongue.
She tasted so good as I moved my tongue in and out of her love canal, moving up ever so often to give her clit some attention as well.

After only a little while I felt her shook as she orgasm-ed. I was ready for some action too, so I lifted her onto me and slipped myself into her, she gave a little yelp of delight and started to move up and down on me. I assisted by moving my pelvis up and down with her in perfect rhythm. She told me that she were close again and I promised her I was as well. As I exploded inside her, she rocked with a monster orgasm and her whole body shook on top of me. She just collapsed onto my chest and we lay there for a while holding each other...............

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